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These boots were made for walking

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Before you trundle up to the Moors consider your footwear. My first pair of hiking boots were brown leather and took a while to wear in. They always rubbed one heel right up until I wore them continually for about 4 weeks, while we were digging out the cellar under our house one summer. Then bingo, comfy waterproof, practical footwear. I wore them to Dartmoor, to Italy where we climbed the Dolomite's and mountains surrounding Lake Garda. I wore them to the supermarket and on the school run and finally just as they were giving up the ghost I wore them to take part in the Macmillan Jurassic Coast mighty hike. When I replaced them I bought.......another pair of brown leather hiking boots! The first pair lasted 20 odd years the second will hopefully last just as long. I love my boots.

There are probably equally good fabric walking boots out there, but what I'm trying to say is that pottering off to the Moors in your flip flops may be fine if you're one of these people who sit in the car park for your picnic (seriously? why? There a many prettier places on the Moor). If however you want to do some exploring then you should ideally invest in some walking boots.

If like me, you like to swim or paddle when you're out and about then I'd suggest a pair of hiking sandals too as these can be worn in the water where sharp and slippery rocks can be treacherous.

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